Lessons learned, 2017

2017 has been a really interesting year for me in our lovely Drupal community. I think I have learned (or realised that I have yet to fully learn) a few lessons that have helped me along the way.

I want to just list them for the time being and then come back to each one over a few weeks to go into detail about what they mean to me.

So, this year (or maybe the last couple of years) I realised:

  • Don’t wait for permission;
  • People > things;
  • Diversity is an enabler;
  • You get back more than you put in;
  • People are interested in what you have to say;
  • Think about what will make the greatest impact;
  • Accept that, sometimes, you might fail;
  • Take time to reflect;
  • Small, enabled groups with good focus make can make amazing things;
  • Always, always, always challenge yourself. Be uncomfortable.

The thing is, I believe they apply equally to us all. We can all make +ve change and help grow ourselves and our Drupal community. We all have something worth hearing, let’s hear it.