Latest thoughts, if any, of Rachel Lawson...

England and Wales have a somewhat arcane but interesting set of laws around what tracks are rideable by motorcycle. Some of them are nice simple lanes that could be ridden on any motorcycle by anyone. Others appear to be just a jumble of rocks that need a superstar to ride.

I must come back and write more about the laws but what interests me right now is being able to identify those rights of way and being able to navigate along them when I'm out for a ride.

My original plan, when meeting up with Sophie for a week in Morocco, was to follow a few of the routes that I have done before solo. Show her a few places I really knew well and knew what the conditions were like. Instead, we ended up trying a new route that turned out to be rather epic...

Just chatting about cable cars, based on reading the good news that everyone rescued from the broken one in Pakistan. 
Decided they feel unnatural because the person in control doesn’t have “skin in the game” in the same way that a pilot does in an aeroplane. 
Then it occurred to us that the same applies to self-driving cars. Those in charge of, say, Tesla have no skin in the game if you crash. Think about that…

Ehsan Haji Safi, the captain of the Iranian football team at the World Cup in Qatar, spoke out ahead of their game against England today, saying "I would like to express my condolences to all of the bereaved families in Iran. They should know that we are with them, we support them...


And, surprise, surprise, that there Elon Musk has invited everybody’s least favourite uncle, Donald Trump, back onto Twitter.

What is it about polls that should never be called that causes them to end up at a 52:48% split of opinion? And then for some idiot to decide to take terrible decisions based upon it? 

Goodness me, if the decision to reintroduce Trump into Twitter turns out to be as terrible as Brexit, we can all expect the future of the platform to be dire indeed.

Whilst I may have ridden a fair few miles on Hedy, my KTM 790 Adventure R, I only really started to get the setup right recently.

Over the last few weeks, I have been continually making small adjustments to the suspension and feeling the changes, deciding if that’s actually how I want the bike to feel and if it is helping me ride better, especially on dirt.

The confidence a good setup creates in my riding is huge - I’m now no longer fearful in sand and bashing through it faster and faster. And I’m now happy making (little) jumps whenever I can. And it’s FUN!!!