Dependency issues getting a COVID-19 test

I need to have a little bit of surgery done on Monday. No big deal.

However, to have the surgery I need to have a COVID-19 test (exactly) 72 hours beforehand. No problem, I think. How wrong I was…

Having just called the 119 telephone number to book a test, I've just been told that there are two options:

  1. Have a "test at home" kit sent, which I then post back
    Except that they say the results might not be ready in time 
  2. Go to a drive-through test. The results for this would be faster.
    Except that I don't have a car, and my friends don't have a car either. Apparently, I cannot attend the drive-through testing station on foot or by bicycle 

So, I've ordered the home-testing kit. It might give a result on time, or it might not. Who knows?

I might be having surgery on Monday, I might not. Who knows?  



Had a call from the Amazon delivery driver today, asking which number I was at to deliver my home test kit. 
Yes, they had sent out a test kit without the full address on it... 🤦‍♀️