Olivero is beautiful!

A whole team have people are working on a new default theme for Drupal 9, to be introduced in version 9.1, called "Olivero" and I think it is so beautiful, it finally prompted me to make a blog for myself simply so I could use it!

The Olivero theme was inspired by Mike Herchel (Senior Developer at Lullabot), Lauri Eskola (Drupal core committer and front-end framework manager), Angie Byron (Drupal core committer and product manager), and Putra Bonaccorsi (Technical Project Manager at Lullabot) but it both "built on the shoulders of giants" working on the Claro administration theme and the good work of many right across the Drupal community.

Rachel Olivero
Rachel Olivero, image courtesy of National Federation of the Blind

The name of the theme was taken from a member of the Drupal community,  Rachel Olivero, who was a valued community member and accessibility advocate. Someone I am disappointed to have never met on my Drupal travels.

We chose the name Olivero not just because we have made accessibility a top priority, but also because we aspire to develop this new theme in our community in a manner that is consistent with the qualities that Rachel Olivero embodied, including patience, generosity, and inclusivity.

More people like Rachel, please.