Embracing the Orange

My KTM 790 Adventure R, above Scar House Reservoir

At the beginning of August, I did something I've been talking about for months – I bought a new motorbike that is actually built for the type of journeys I love to do.

Hedy, my fabulous new (to me) KTM 790 Adventure R, has already completed over 4000Km as we have travelled around – I already need new tyres – that must be a sign of approval??


I've also started to really increase the time I spend off-road, on more and more challenging tracks. This has already led to me getting that "first drop" out of the way and now I can really start to learn.


Little did I know, heading over from Scar House Reservoir to Horsehouse would show me quite how much I had to learn! 


 But I soon began to catch on – take a small section at a time, stop and look before diving in!

Yes, this really is a road in Norfolk!

Now it all seems much easier. I can knock on along tracks like the Peddars Way at 30 or so Kmh and feel pretty relaxed.

4000 Km in less than two months is a lot. But I think it was worth learning so much in such a short time. Next, I need to get this thing off the ground...

Where next?

All the lockdown made it sensible to spend money on "stuff" rather than actual "travel" - but that's coming to an end now. Where to go?

Well, I do want to go to Iceland in the Summer. But I can't see me not wanting to get out of the UK before then.

My mind is thinking that I could take off in March and travel down to Morocco for a month – I mean, once I'm over the Atlas, the weather will be okay, right? I'm sure I have a copy of Chris Scott's awesome Morocco Overland somewhere...

Why not? It's not like I have any excuses any more.