It's Aaron Winborn Award time again

Busy heating the glass in the glory hole

There are a few things we do as a community at Drupal that really warm my heart and recognising those displaying the very best values and principles of the Drupal project through the annual Aaron Winborn Award is one of them.

personal integrity, kindness, and above-and-beyond commitment to the Drupal community.

Whilst everyone in the Drupal community can, and should, nominate those they think deserve such an award, it is one of the few truly lovely tasks of the Drupal Community Working Group to read all of the nominations, select a recipient, and present the award at DrupalCon North America.

Kevin Thull, who received one of the awards

As an ex-CWG member, I also decided one year to actually make some awards rather than just purchasing them online. I've always fancied working with glass and booked some time to work on some awards with Salt Glass Studios in Norwich, England. It turns out molten glass is hot - really hot! I'm glad to say that my teacher was fantastic, though, and we ended up with a small number of awards to present.

Whilst I would love to go make some new awards this year (and, indeed, every year!), I am way too busy helping to organise DrupalCon itself and I don't think I could give it the time needed to make something special.

But awards are needed — maybe the right person to make them is you? Are you a member of the Drupal community? Do you think you have an artistic streak? Think you can make something appropriate in time for DrupalCon? You probably want to get in touch with the CWG.

But before you do that, remember to nominate someone the the Aaron Winborn Award. I already have...