Trans women are women

Collection of women’s faces

Well, I don’t think it will come as a complete surprise to hear me say that. After all, I’ve made it no secret that I have a trans history and I do talk about it, on occasion, when I feel the moment is right. 

The reason I need to state “trans women are women”, though, is because the more people who see others stating this, the easier others find it to accept and, crucially, it exposes the often vitriolic replies such a statement prompts on social media. 

Just take a look at, say, Jeremy Keith’s tweet of the same statement and the replies he has received.

What are these people trying to achieve? It’s just weird. 

It is important that he said it, though, and I am eternally thankful. Exposing these people is something allies can do as they are not quite at the same risk as people like me. 

Do you think you could make the statement? See what it feels like?