The people of open source always deliver

Akanksha Singh and Rachel in conversation

I’m constantly amazed how happy the people I know in open source are willing to help out. I needed some open source people to each record a short interview where I asked them about their motivations for contributing to open source projects, what things in projects might be detractors and, finally, what they see as their reward.

Well, I put out a quick tweet asking if anyone might be able to take part and I had half a dozen volunteers in only a few minutes!

I’ll be showing the videos at a meeting next week. I forgot to ask permission to show the videos here. Maybe I should have done?

Anyway, my thanks and appreciation to Kana Patrick, Mark Baker, Matthew Saunders, Isaac Sixtus Chizaram (Zara), Akanksha Singh, and Samson Goddy. 💙