There's a wider story to tell in overland travel content

Photograph of old style globe. Countries highlighted in west Africa. "EARTH" by empiredude1 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

I don't think I'm known for keeping quiet about my love of overland travel, especially by motorcycle. Jumping on my KTM and heading off in search of distant lands is what my life is about these days.

In those moments that I'm not actually travelling, I'm thinking of travel and watching videos by some great creators on YouTube, like Noraly, Lea, Helen, and Candida. Recently, a very good friend, Sophie, has started making videos and I know she has some awesome content coming up from when I caused us to have to overnight in the oued south of Tafraoute!

The vast, vast majority of the content in these videos, though, only capture some of the experiences I have had on my own travels. It's as thought the only locals we see are villagers / farmers etc. It's 

I have had the enormous privilege travelling to some interesting places, like Nigeria, India, Moldova, or facilitating people to travel to events in EU and US from Cameroon, Kenya, Ukraine etc and meeting some awesome people making waves in Open Source software projects and other technology-related activities.

For me,  I want to hear from people like Patrick, an awesome member of the Drupal Community who lives in Cameroon. I want to hear how he helps organisations there build web services and how he brings their experiences of the web in Cameroon back into Drupal, making it truly inclusive of all we are trying to support. 

I want to hear from Samson Goddy in Nigeria, who has contributed to so many Open Source projects I can't remember them all, though Sugarlabs and SustainOSS come to mind immediately. 

And I want to hear more from Surabhi & Panshul, a couple of friends working in Open Source whose wedding I was delighted to celebrate in Kota, India a few years ago.

I happily admit that I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about how many people in tech and Open Source tend to think of it as a mainly US "thing", with maybe a bit of EU help. It isn't. And it is up to us to make sure people see that.

So, is it possible to combine the type of content that those engaged with overland travel are used to seeing with interviews/conversations with people doing the business with tech and Open Source etc?

What would be the right content balance? What would it look like? What questions would you ask of them?

Is it something people would even want to see?