Proudly Supporting the LGBTQIA Community

Banner on wall saying "We proudly support the LGBT+ community", with a tagline of "wherever profitable and convenient"

How many times do we see corporates declare a love for the LGBTQIA community when Pride Month comes around? And then all that support seems to mysteriously go back into hiding at the end of the month? It's almost like it's "just for show"...

No doubt, Marks & Spencer will have their rainbow coloured shopping bags, Starbucks will have some rainbow coloured cakes, and, just to top it of this year, the Conservative party who are literally advising government departments to drop links with Stonewall have a "Happy Pride Month" campaign underway on social media. It's sickening.

It's called Rainbow washing.

If you see a Pride month-related campaign being performed - don't just accept it - ask questions about what the organisation is actually doing to support the LGBTQIA community. Ask them what they do throughout the year, not just Pride month. Hold them to account about it, in public.

Never forget: Pride is a fucking protest. 🌈