Latest thoughts, if any, of Rachel Lawson...

“Would you like to come to my wedding?” I receive as a Slack message from a friend in the Drupal community.

“Sure! When is it? Where?”

“It’s in November, in Kota”

“Oh - wow - yeah, I’ll come if I can!”

At this point, it seemed like a good idea to look at a map - where on Earth is Kota????

How many times do we see corporates declare a love for the LGBTQIA community when Pride Month comes around? And then all that support seems to mysteriously go back into hiding at the end of the month? It's almost like it's "just for show"...


US President, Joe Biden, recently suggested that the US Government would be in favour of a waiver of patent protection surrounding COVID vaccine development. Whilst the US is only one country at the WTO and they generally only act on consensus, it will certainly make other countries think hard.

To be honest, though, I can't say I'm in favour of a patent waiver here. Avoiding the patents of other pharmaceutical companies isn't the "hard problem" in the pandemic environment we find ourselves in; getting hold of the ingredients to manufacture at global scale is.

A twitter thread by Heather Burns has yet again struck me as so important at this time and it makes me want to re-state something that I feel is so important in open source conferences: pay your speakers — all of them.


Tech(k)nowday is an online conference, featuring over 200 women in tech and it is taking place on Monday 8th March. Not only that, it is FREE to attend so why not take a look at the program and see what interests you?

I knew I wanted to allow "social" login on this website as it made me happier that the usernames I might see appearing are more likely to be the people I assume they are — they will have some sort of "background check" by virtue of their activity on those other social sites, whatever they were. Well, thanks to drupal/openid_connect, I have successfully implemented login via GitHub, LinkedIn, and Google.